The Nectar of Chanting

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The Nectar of Chanting

The Nectar of Chanting, with an introduction by Baba Muktananda, contains sacred texts, hymns, and chants frequently sung in Siddha Yoga Ashrams and meditation centers.

Included are Śrī-Guru-Gītā, Śrī-Viṣṇu-Sahasranāma, Morning and Evening Arati, Śrī-Śiva-Mahimnaḥ-Stotram, Śrī-Śiva-Mānasa- Pūjā, Jyota Se Jyota Jagāo, Gurudeva Hamārā Pyārā, Kuṇḍalinī-Stavaḥ and others.

The Sanskrit, Hindi, and Marathi verses are written in transliteration with an English translation.

The 2017 reprint includes the following changes:

  • Revised sequence of sacred texts, hymns and chants
  • Updated transliteration of all sacred texts, hymns, and chants
  • New and expanded Pronunciation Guide
  • Transliteration changed from italics to bold face roman lettering for easier reading
  • Revised English translation of Mahālakṣmi Stotram, Kuṇḍalinī-Stavaḥ and verses 4 and 5 of Śrī-Śiva-Mānasa-Pūjā

Hardcover, 2017 reprint of 4th edition, 1984, 216 pages, 7.3” x 5.1” (18,5 x 13 cm)

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